Build your blockchain project in hours,
not months

Eliminate the need for direct smart contract interactions,
making your blockchain DAPP development faster and easier.

The Challenge

Smart contracts limit your freedom to create.
In the dynamic world that is blockchain, creativity drives business. Smart contracts are slow to develop,impossible to upgrade and prone to attacks.

They hamper your freedom to grow, slowing your go to market execution, and are at the center of missed opportunities. It’s time to write off the old ways.

Code snippets

Our Technology

Smart contracts are made up of three main parts: Assets, Data, and Logic. If you separate the Logic part and use it at the transaction level, you won’t have to rely so much on complex smart contracts. As a result, it will be faster and simpler to create new products.
The Smart Transaction SDK tool lets you create blockchain apps more quickly and easily.

What’s inside the Kirobo SDK?

Visual Builder - POC

Quickly build a Smart Transaction Prototype to test your product concept before development.

Blockchain Data Notification Alerts

Set up real-time alerts for any Smart Contract notifications you choose.

Starter Kit

 A pre-built blockchain development environment that frees you to focus on your product’s logic.

Simulate Logic

Simulate your smart transaction on the blockchain, to ensure that all conditions you set are met.