Dive into Smart Transaction Technology

As we transition from the familiar realm of Web2 to the innovative landscape of Web3, a new player emerges on the scene – Smart Transaction Technology. This groundbreaking technology has two powerful arms, comprising Visual Builder for crafting automated DeFi strategies, and an SDK designed to turbocharge your dApp development process. 

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the technology, exploring each component in detail. We’ll uncover the massive potential it holds and how it is set to revolutionize the way we interact with decentralized applications. So, buckle up and join us on this exciting journey of discovery in the world of Smart Transaction Technology.


Smart Transaction Technology Explained

Smart transaction Technology separates the logic from the smart contract. This means you can send a transaction with all the conditional logic instructions without needing to build or interact with smart contract.

The technology allows you to build on the blockchain using a familiar programming language (TypeScript) or with a visual interface. It can then convert your instructions into a language the blockchain understands, so your transaction can be executed with the intended logic. This method means, you no longer have to rely on building with smart contracts.


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Understanding the Smart Transaction Visual Builder

Smart contracts are like the engine of a car in the world of blockchain. They make dApps run and help with financial deals in DeFi. But, setting up these contracts can be like trying to build that engine from scratch – tricky and confusing. That’s where the Visual Builder comes in. It’s a part of the Smart Transaction technology and it’s here to make building on the blockchain easier. 

The Visual Builder has three primary features – plug-ins, groups, and apps. It allows DeFi traders to build complex trading strategies. These strategies can help increase your profits and lower your risks. In simple terms, the Visual Builder makes the complex world of DeFi easier to be creative and enhance your ability to trade for everyone.


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The Strength of the Visual Builder Plugins

Think of plugins as ready-to-use functionalities that can boost your dApp abilities without the need to create a single smart contract. They work as translators, changing the complex language of the protocols into simpler visual blocks which can be easily dragged and dropped inside the workboard of the Visual Builder. These plugins will make it easier for users to interact with the blockchain through their dApp, making it more user-friendly.

The best part is, the Visual Builder is flexible, It allows you to add your own custom plugins. This means you can add any logic and functionality from any protocol onto your dApp, increasing its abilities. 


Customizing with groups

Smart Transaction groups are like a well-organized toolbox, holding several plugins together. They’re designed to make development simpler and more efficient as they are representing a specific operation – think of it as a safe mix of multiple logics working together. Smart Transaction groups cut down on the need for numerous manual work, making dApp development quicker and more effective.

And for those looking to create more complex logics, the technology offers you templates to get you started. Incidentally, these templates can also be edited, so developers can change them to fit their unique needs for their own dApp.


Streamlining with dApps

In the Smart Transaction Technology, dApps are ready-made applications for end-users, simplifying the often complex world of DeFi trading, even those without deep technical knowledge, can leverage these applications to execute complex trades. For developers, you can earn a percentage of the transaction fee paid by users for using the app they have created, The dApp Marketplace is a valuable platform to showcase your dApps and receive feedback, subsequently fostering a vibrant, collaborative, and innovative developer community.


Understanding The SDK

The SDK is a versatile toolkit that allows developers to build Smart Transaction-based dApps seamlessly.  The SDK provides the necessary resources for creating Smart Transactions, interacting with the Visual Builder platform, as well as monitoring positions, assets, and managing Smart Transactions. 

The SDK is divided into several packages that work harmoniously to address the differing aspects of development;

The Platform package enables direct interaction with the blockchain using smart contracts, forming a solid foundation for building and interacting with these contracts.

The Core Library contains essential components for creating Smart Transactions from scratch. The Library will empower developers with the fundamental building blocks they need. to simplify the development process.

The Plugins package offers a range of pre-built plugins that integrate seamlessly with the Core Library, streamlining functionality integration within dApps.

Additionally, the Builder library facilitates the production, organization, and compilation of Ethereum transactions in graph-based formats, simplifying the management of transactions, providing a holistic experience.

The Service package grants access to Kirobo’s One-Stop-Shop services, enabling direct publication of Smart Transactions and real-time retrieval of related information such as the transaction status, fuel, assets, and more.

With the SDK’s comprehensive features the entire Smart Transaction Technology is empowering users to create sophisticated dApps with ease. The SDK serves as the backbone of the Smart Transaction ecosystem, enhancing the efficiency, speed, and capabilities of dApp development on the blockchain.


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