Visual Builder for automated DeFi Trading


Web3 has opened up a world of possibilities, from decentralized finance (DeFi) to decentralized applications (dApps). As we navigate this new frontier, it’s evident that having the right tools can dramatically impact the success of your ventures. This is where the Smart Transaction Technology Visual Builder comes into play, offering a user-friendly interface for creating and deploying smart transactions that will make your DeFi trading much more efficient.


Table of contents:

  1. The Power of the Visual Builder
  2. Visual Builder and DeFi Trading
  3. Rocket Pool & AAVE: A Use Case
  4. Conclusion: Embrace the Future of DeFi with Visual Builder


The Power of the Visual Builder


In the world of blockchain technology, smart contracts are key. They form the backbone of dApps and power complex financial transactions in DeFi. Yet, the process of setting up these contracts can be complex and confusing. The Visual Builder, a component of the Smart Transaction Technology, is designed to solve this problem.

The Visual Builder offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that allows DeFi traders to create complicated trading logics that will provide a way to maximize profits and at the same time significantly reduce the many existing risks.


Workers build the visual builder







Visual Builder and DeFi Trading

The Visual Builder is not just about making the process of setting up complicated logic. It’s also about maximizing your DeFi trading. By utilizing our custom plugin feature, which enables the trader to quickly and easily access a vast array of existing logics for personal use, the Visual Builder enables users to automate micropayments, re-use smart contract logic from any protocols, and streamline risk management strategies.


DeFi trader in the office











Rocket Pool & AAVE: A Use Case


Leveraging the Visual Builder, an innovative strategy unfolds to automate compound yield farming. Here’s how it works:


Firstly, Ethereum (ETH) is deposited into Rocket Pool protocol, which in return yields rETH. This rETH is then employed within AAVE, to borrow even more rETH. This newly acquired rETH doesn’t sit idle; instead, it is swiftly re-deposited back into Rocket Pool, creating a continuous loop of depositing and borrowing, which fuels the compounding of yields.


However, the uniqueness of this strategy doesn’t stop there. It also contains an additional layer of protection to guard against the inherent risks associated with DeFi. A dedicated Smart Transaction is implemented to manage liquidation risks. This Smart Transaction monitors the health factor of the user’s position, stepping in and taking decisive actions to prevent liquidation when needed.


By using this strategy, users are assured to maximize their prospective earnings in DeFi while limiting their risk exposure.


Conclusion: Embrace the Future of DeFi with the Visual Builder


In conclusion, the Visual Builder is a revolutionary tool that effectively bridges the gap between the complexity of DeFi trading and the potential it holds for high yields. By automating complex strategies, mitigating risks, and making smart contracts logics accessible and reusable, it empowers traders to leverage the full potential of DeFi.


Don’t let the complexity of blockchain technology limit your DeFi journey. With the Visual Builder, you can confidently navigate the DeFi landscape, maximizing your returns while keeping risks under control. Take the first step towards transforming your DeFi trading experience today.


Join our Discord traders community and join forces with experienced traders and our dedicated team to continue maximizing your profits with the help of the Visual Builder. The Visual Builder is here to ensure that you’re not just a participant in the world of DeFi, but that you can shape it too.